Where to watch

EURO 2024 in Vienna

Where to watch EURO 2024 in Vienna?


With FANILY you will find the best sportsbars in Vienna to watch every single major sports event. From Champions League to Six Nations, and from Darts tournaments to Formula 1. And, with EURO 2024 on the horizon, FANILY obviously also provides you with the best sports bars to watch EURO 2024 in Vienna, within just a few clicks! Within just seconds you’ll find a spot to take a seat with a beer in your hand, enjoying EURO 2024 in Vienna.

Imagine yourself being Erling Haaland and think of us as Kevin De Bruyne. We’ll provide the assist, and all you need to do is score!

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The best sports bars are without exception the best place to watch EURO 2024 in Vienna.

On the FANILY platform, you can discover a variety of sports bars, Irish pubs, stylish sports cafes, and traditional Vienna pubs. Each venue is known for its fantastic atmosphere, welcoming service, and endless beer offerings. Undoubtedly, the abundance of beer stands out as the most crucial feature.

Surrounded by fellow sports fans, you will immerse yourself in the ultimate matchday atmosphere. That is the goal of FANILY! Wherever you are in the world, surrounded by fellow fans and an abundance of beer, enjoy live sports!


Watch euro 2024 in Vienna…

… so you don’t cheer alone!

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FANILY venues in Vienna

Sportsbar Admiral Prater
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Sportsbars in Wenen

So, if you want to experience a fantastic sports evening, a Viennese Sportsbar is the place to be! Whether you want to watch EURO 2024 in Vienna or a more local match, whether you are a fan of the Six Nations tournament, Formula 1 or the European Championship, you’ve come to the right place. In such a sports bar, cozy pub or hip café, the sports experience is guaranteed to be taken to a higher level. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mates, put on your favorite team shirt and get ready for an unforgettable sports experience at the sports bar Vienna! 


Ready to make your matchday legendary? Then go for the ultimate sports experience at these top locations you see above!


By watching your favorite team in a sports bar in Vienna you will never cheer alone again – as it should be!