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Thanks to FANILY the question “Where do I find a sportsbar near me?” is a thing of the past! FANILY features a variety of sports bars and pubs located in popular tourist travel destinations. You can find ‘em all right here.

You no longer need to stress about locating a sports bar nearby. Welcome to 2024! Simply visit the FANILY website, and the pub locator will instantly display the closest sports bars. FANILY ensures you find a sports bar near you in no time!


At FANILY, we live by a golden rule: while traveling abroad, say goodbye to pixelated livestreams and unreliable VPN connections for watching your favorite team play. It’s time to ditch outdated methods! The strategy is straightforward yet vital: establish a central hub that pinpoints all nearby sports bars. This innovative platform will provide updated match schedules, recommendations for pubs, and most importantly, insider tips on where to cheer for your team! 🏟🍻

FANILY is like De Bruyne, delivering the assist!

Similar to how football stars depend on their team for incredible plays, rely on us, your FANILY, for support! Think of us as your reliable teammate in achieving your goals effortlessly! Our role is to provide you with the latest details on where to discover the top sports bars in your vicinity!

Think of us as Kevin De Bruyne when you’re Erling Haaland.


Discovering sports bars nearby promises an exhilarating experience as you join a passionate group of fans, immersing yourself in the excitement of the game. Get ready for an unforgettable matchday vibe!

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Find sports bars near me

Cabana Sportsbar Curacao
Sportsbar Cabana Beach - Curacao
Sportsbar Greenwood Londen sfeerimpressie
Greenwood London - London
Bar-restaurant Amsterdam - Barcelona
Admiral prater - Vienna
Supporters bij Sportsbar FC Magnet Berlijn
FC Magnet Bar - Berlin

FANILY is what De Bruyne is to

Prepare for an extraordinary sports extravaganza at the nearest sports bar! Experience thrilling national competitions and global spectacles like Formula 1 races or the European Championship. Whether you prefer the traditional sports bar atmosphere, a comfortable pub, or a stylish cafe setting, get ready for an exciting time. Gather your friends, show off your team colors, and get ready for an unforgettable sports event!


Are you prepared to enhance your game day experience? Explore the top spots mentioned above for a memorable sports adventure!


Join forces with fellow fans at sports bars worldwide and bask in the camaraderie – that’s how you ace the vibe check!


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